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A New Spin On Pina; We’re Not Talking About The Drink…

By Trisha

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If you are already familiar with BHANA it won’t come as a surprise that we not only strive to create unique and stylish eco-friendly apparel but, we use some of the rarest and exclusive eco-friendly materials found around the world to create our custom pieces. One of our most sustainable fabrics that our designer as well as our clients have come to love is Pina.


Pina originates from the Philippines and is not available anywhere else in the world. Pina is a fabric made from a process where the fibres are pulled or cut away from Pineapple leaves. The fibres are split away from the Pineapple leaves, knotted together and then hand-woven into a Pina cloth. Pina is a textile art from the southern part of the country. In the Philippines this precious material is used for traditional wedding garments and is considered to be a special fabric used only on auspicious occasions.


Pina aligns perfectly with BHANA’s mission to create beautiful and luxurious pieces of clothing without harming the natural world around us. Instead by utilizing some of the rare and natural elements provided by organic sources such as plants, we are able to craft original custom designs for our clients. Pina has the texture of linen and the strength of silk, holding structure well in travel. We understand the craftsmanship that goes into producing Pina fabric and use it in our designs because of its chemical free, self-sustaining production methods.


Pina is a prized luxury fabric and because it is available only in limited quantity BHANA does not want to mass produce designs with it. We understand and respect what Pina provides and choose to use it solely in our custom designs.

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