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Trisha Rampersad wearing Ethically made, Organic Wool fitted jacket and pleated organic cotton skirt.



Trisha Rampersad spent the first twelve years of her life in the beautiful coastal city of Durban, South Africa. Her greatest childhood memories include running to edge of a cliff, peeking her toes over the end and feeling the rush of wind against her face — and, being yelled at by her grandmother to step away from that same cliff lest she fall over, and then being further inspired by that great woman.

Trisha Rampersad wearing a top and shawl from the couture collection


As a child, Trisha followed her grandmother everywhere.  She would play with her shoes and put on her saris. She would watch and learn as her grandmother gardened, and shadow her as she designed and sewed clothing from mere ideas in her head. From her grandmother, Trisha learned to love nature. She also learned to never waste anything and to be resourceful. To never fear anything. And she learned to love the idea and process of creation.  From her mother, Trisha learned to be strong, independent and spiritual. And from her father she learned to be self sufficient and to live an ethically sound life.

Trisha Rampersad wearing Organic Wool and Linen reversible jacket.


Those great life lessons make up BHANA’s Founder, Creative Director, and Clothing Designer. These serve as the strong foundation upon which Trisha built The BHANA Design Company. She started her formal design career at the Art Institute of Vancouver, graduating in 2007. During this time she received recognition for her “Earth Child” design. Later that same year Trisha featured a collection of Women’s Couture at Vancouver Fashion Week. In 2008 Trisha launched her brainchild: The BHANA Design Company. She went on to produce collections for A/W 08, A/W 09, S/S 10, A/W 10, and A/W 11.  She also developed a program within the business whereby loyal and celebrity clients could have her create custom clothing for special events. Thus far, this program has gotten Trisha and BHANA the most recognition.  Now a Canadian living on the west coast, she has a clear focus of who she is as a designer, and what she has to say through her design work. In 2012 Trisha travelled to Los Angeles to serve as Costume Designer for a production called Samsara, featuring Karmetik.  Trisha continues to travel and upgrade her education within the world of fashion, which has left her with many great stories of adventure.  Just as her childhood self used to poke her toes over the edge of the cliff, Trisha isn’t afraid of taking a leap into the future, this time with BHANA in tow!