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Bring On Berlin!

By Trisha

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berlin fashion week




For Bhana’s debut at Berlin’s fashion week, we thought it would be fun to explore the hottest Berlin fashion trends hitting the runway!


Fashion is much more than wearing the clothes you like. It’s the way you wear them, how you feel in them, the way walk when you have them on, your persona emanates through them.

Fashion is an expression, a unique expression.

For Bhana’s upcoming debut at Berlins Fashion week, we thought it would be fitting to highlight a little European fashion flavor.

Berlin is known as one of the go-to places for all the upcoming runway trends. While taking a sneak peak at the fall trends for 2013 we couldn’t help to have a moment of silence for the strips and block colors from fall 2012 trends, goodbye ombre (in both directions) and the “burgundy is the new black”.

Here’s what to look forward to:

Blended decades!

Fun, classy and timeless pieces are going to be the tone for this season. Don’t be afraid to mix last season’s stand-out accessories with new silhouettes. Redefined silhouettes are this season’s staple, borrowing from 70’s necklines and re-introducing great vintage elements.berlin fashion2berlin fashion4

Tis the season of metallic!

For those waiting for this trend to come back around, it’s here! Strong metallic accents and full blown silver pants heighten this season wearability while still looking high end and timeless.

Berlin fashion1

60’s mod is back!

Knee-high go-go boots with mod inspired shapes and patterns finally makes it’s way onto the runway. Not to mention that black is the staple this year… finally! We knew the 60’s would come back around! How can anyone resist the simple elegance of well-crafted A-line skirt!?! So flattering!

Top it off with metallic knee-high go-go inspired boots makes for a fresh take on fashion with endless style possibilities!

berlin fashion6

berlin fashion5

So many new exciting things in the world of fashion and the week has just begun!

Photo credits: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images

Written by: ‘Bhana Design and Courtny Vaz of Youzus

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