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Naturally Trending Summer Accessories

By Trisha

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Natural elements have always held an inspirational note in Bhana Designs, strong wools from the European coastlines to organically sourced cottons from the North American cradle lands. Although clothing speaks for itself, you can enhance its statement by pairing it with beautifully finished naturally inspired accessories.


It’s hard to debate an outfit with these top three must-have accessories for your summer outfit:


Walk the walk

platform heels

Cork platforms are a universal go to item for a look of class and confidence, they set the perfect look for almost any outfit. Wear it casual with a pair of boot cut jeans, or dress it up with a beautiful form fitting silhouette. Walking down the street in platform heel, gives the air of boldness, while being modest, the perfect touch of the ‘je ne sais quoi’. The neutrality of the cork pairs great with earthy tones and that bit of personality every outfit has. Ripe confidence demands that right footwear and the cork is in.

Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

A little hue for you!


The modern woman of today knows the importance of a good bag, especially one that holds your bits and pieces, while keeping your outfit looking fab! Smaller bags with natural hues are a wonderful addition to any color palate. Soft deep greens, beige’s and rich browns are a problem-free match for any outfit. Perfectly balancing with a mid-height cork heel, boot cut denim and sheer top, throw in a crop jacket and you’re strutting it!

Photo: Courtesy of SSENSE.com

Won’t you look at that!

Sunglasses are often overlooked as statement pieces in a wardrobe, but they make the perfect finish to a summer ensemble that includes more than a bikini and sand. Animal


prints are a wardrobe staple that’s here to stay. The first point of contact is usually the face, animal printed wide framed sunglasses exude a chic-ness that every woman needs. Whatever outfit you find most chic that day, larger sunglasses with a patterned frame compliment any look.

Photo: Courtesy of La Garçonne


Mother Nature provides us with regular inspiration. It’s not an accident that nature inspired prints, natural fibers and patterns make us look great. After all, we are of nature, so don’t be afraid to stylize your summer wardrobe to showcase that vibrant character we all have inside us! Be the fashionista you want to be, with no apologies!


Written by: Bhana Design and Courtny Vaz of Youzus

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