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Relief = Natural Fibers = Bhana

By Trisha

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Those of us with sensitive skin are always looking for alternative ways to staying stylish. Not everyone can make a cotton tee-shirt look runway worthy (although we try).


Wool, like many other naturally sourced fabrics, is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. So you won’t get those pesky dust-mites hanging out in your sweater, gross.

It’s also fire resistant!

So if you ever find yourself fighting dragons, doubling in as a human firecracker or saving kittens from a burning house, you want to be wearing wool.


Jokes aside, wool is an eco-friendly alternative to clothing and fabric.



Did you know that wool is odor resistant? Yes it is. Human sweat is generally odorless, only when it mixes in with the bacteria on our skin and clothing is when it starts to get a bit funky.


Wool, being a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, doesn’t allow for bacteria to be held between its fibers, and it actually helps regulate the body temperature.


Merino wool literally whisks sweat away from the body to maintain a constant body temperature.


And contrary to popular belief, there are many types of wool that is not itchy. Australian Merino wool fiber is so fine, it’s comparable to the comfort of cotton.


Now here is the deal breaker, wool is also stain resistant! Well sort of, given that you don’t allow whatever ever it is to dry, you’re in the clear.


So, if you want a break from the itch and irritation from synthetic fibers. The delicate stain-ability of synthetic fibers and the hassle of layering to anticipate the temperature that day; naturally sourced wool clothing offers much more than just being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Written by: ‘Bhana Design and Courtny Vaz of Youzus 

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