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“Styledrama” about BHANA Autumn 2013

By Trisha

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“Fearless Collection

Bold and daring fashions for ambitious woman, that would be Trisha Rampersad, Creative Director and Fashion Designer of Bhana who showcased her Autumn Winter 2013 collection at Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver.

Bhana’s fashion colors were organic and reflective of Mother Nature’s hues such as taupe, de-saturated greens and darker pigments which created the foundation for her collection. My favorite pieces were the New Kimono Dress which transcends east and west in true dramatic style, followed by her reversible jackets.

While offering a full range of daywear, evening wear and outerwear, Rampersad has set her sights on providing high quality, eco friendly and ethically minded clothing while giving up nothing when it come to style for today’s confident women.”

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