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The Story behind the Fearless Collection

By Trisha

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mBlX5bK-J2E0M9_s8Halt_jHdUpGnsWBueK-ecdvjVcBHANA designer and creator Trisha Rampersad launched her Fall line for 2013 aptly named “Fearless.”  Debuting at Vancouver’s Eco-Fashion  this past April, BHANA is quickly becoming a force within the Eco-fashion world. Trisha explains that her inspiration behind this season’s selection of garments was the strong and empowered women she has known throughout her life. The strongest people she knew growing up were the women she was surrounded by. Her aim with the Fearless collection was to harness that confidence and sophistication within each garment. The collection’s structured monochromatic blazers and earth toned dresses underscore the polished aspect that is so evident within the Fearless Collection. Trisha finds a fine balance between femininity and the no holds bar sophistication that embodies many women today.


BHANA effortlessly maintains a beautiful contrast of powerful femininity by using classically tailored silhouettes. With BHANA’s trademark clean lines and striking standalone pieces, the Fearless Collection truly is a nod to confident women everywhere. Trisha’s hope is that women who wear her collection will feel the strength and power she has always witnessed from the women in her own life. Fearless and strong herself, Trisha has temporarily scaled back BHANA from men’s and women’s to solely a women’s line order to restart the brand with a completely eco-friendly clothing line. Coupling this aspect of her designs, with the notion that women should draw strength and a sense of empowerment from her brand, without a doubt makes Trisha Rampersad a powerful force.



BHANA is making waves with their unique and environmentally conscious apparel. Staying true to their brand philosophy of creativity, detail and feel, BHANA maintains a strong sense of integrity within their designs, by communicating the power of their wearers.



Photo Credit: Kenneth Kwok.

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